The TK03 VTOL Modular UAV

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The Trokili TK03 VTOL Multi-Mission UAV

We set out to produce a flexible and adaptable unmanned aerial vehicle which was also easy for the owner to operate and maintain.  The TK03 'Dragonfly' is the result of that effort.

Over the course of more than 4 years, we've carried out a number of design studies, followed the development of COTS technology and investigated different technical solutions for providing a medium endurance multi-purpose unmanned aircraft system.

The TK03 aircraft baseline specification allows for an endurance of 1.5 hours (+30 mins reserve) with a 1.5kg payload and a fully electric propulsion system.  Intended to be launched from a fixed position - whether that's from a car park, camp or fixed installation, TK03 can join teams working on the ground, push ahead of other resources to reduce task times or can be sent off on its own. 


We've designed TK03 with credible usability, capability and adaptability features in mind.  The airframe is adaptable at manufacture to suit the operators needs with the ability to extend the mid fuselage section as well as be adapted for wide range of payloads for varying tasks or configurations.  Payloads can be carried in a large internal bay.  Main power batteries are accessed without the need for disassembly.  There is plenty of internal space allowing for future systems and capability expansion.

Our intention is to make the TK03 platform available to as many users as possible, and, to that end we will offer the airframe at a number of different standards, for example:


  • Academics and Educators could buy a basic airframe which they can outfit themselves as part of a curriculum

  • Startups and developers could purchase a ready to fly airframe for their specific needs

  • professional operators could opt to purchase a complete system with specific hardware and payloads integrated in to the airframe


Our Journey

Or, "how did we get here?!"

Hello,  my name is Phill, and I'm the owner of Trokili Ltd.  Here's some words about why I am making unmanned aircraft.  Thanks to a family interest in aviation, I caught the aeroplane bug at an early age.  One of my earliest memories is from an airshow, and they have featured throughout my life.  My father took us kids to as many as possible growing up.  Along with model making, this gave me a great interest in technology and aircraft design. 


The Air Training Corps allowed me to further these endeavours with courses in flying and exposure to the RAF, along with an Air League Flying Scholarship.  During my A Levels I decided to concentrate on engineering and studied aerospace engineering at University.  I was fortunate enough to find a good job with an aerospace company learning the trade of stress engineering, and over the past 15 years I've worked on a number of engineering projects for commercial and military aircraft in the UK.

I had taken note of the introduction of small unmanned aircraft and the technology required to support them.  I kept track of progress in projects such ardupilot, pixhawk and sites such as diydrones.  Eventually I felt that it was possible to design and build a reliable flying system.  I could then explore the design space of small UAVs and collate a set of requirements for an aircraft that could be reliable and genuinely useful. 

I strongly support the emergency services, due to close family ties to the NHS and Police.  Alongside my interest in aviation is a keen interest in nature - especially sea life, so, I wanted to create a product that suits both medical delivery,  Search and Rescue, and Police work as well as working with the scientific community.  I believed that doing this would allow the airframe to suit a wide range of use cases that lots of sectors can take advantage of. My first clean sheet design, the TK03, is the result of these efforts.  Moving forward, I have plans for both smaller and larger aerial autonomous vehicles.